As my husband and I prepare to go to Costa Rica in two days (thanks to Hotel Rio Celeste Hideaway) I have thought a lot about traveling and the excitement it brings me. I believe there are so many lessons you can learn from traveling – whether that’s overseas, or even to different cities within your own region. There is something about experiencing new places that has the ability to change you as a person.

I remember the first time I left the country as a little girl. I went to different parts in Mexico and I was beyond fascinated with the culture. Mexican “siestas” were the neatest thing to me. I had never seen anything like it before. Businesses close in the middle of the day and no one is working. The whole city seems to be taking a nap. It was truly fascinating.


Like I said before, you don’t have to travel far to experience a different culture. I grew up in the suburbs of Utah and in high school I moved to a small town. These two places were entirely different by the things people did for fun, the way they dressed, and the way they acted – it was all new to me. Being among these two cultures within my own state changed my mindset and views.

The world seems to be so closed minded. I think the 2016 Presidential election was evidence of that. People are overly opinionated and hostile that they even resort to rioting. I truly believe traveling has the ability to fix this problem. Once you experience a different way of living you realize that there are several ways to look at at life and perhaps your way isn’t always the best. You discern that people grew up differently and thus they may never see eye to eye. Having this understanding dilutes aggression.

If there’s one hope I have for anyone who desires to travel it’s that you become open to new ideas, cultures, people, and experiences. This alone allows the capability to do a lot of good in the world.


10 thoughts on “Why You Should Travel

  1. Travel really is a great eye-opener, and we’re glad you’re traveling with us through our blog, Oh, the Places We See. Thanks to your post on Instagram — we’re now following you with an interest in your photography! Best wishes for always safe travels!

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