Rio Celeste Hideaway “is a small resort-style and ecologically-oriented hotel that provides a truly unique Rain forest experience, located next to the Volcan Tenorio National Park (where the amazing Rio Celeste gains its sky-blue color).”

So I grew up with a dad who was always a Marriott platinum member so my expectations for hotels are quite high. And Rio Celeste Hideaway did not disappoint for many reasons.

The Location

The location of this hotel is amazing. It is nestled right on the Celeste River which was gorgeous. The touristy parts of Rio Celeste don’t allow you to swim in the gorgeous blue water. However the hotel has a path that leads to it’s own private property and allows you to take a dip in the mystical water. This alone was worth the stay.

Β (The water really is this blue! It’s incredible!)

(Rio Celeste Waterfall and hike)

Rio Celeste Hideaway is also located in the rain forest which makes it a great location to see wildlife. Every morning we would look out our window and see monkeys, birds, frogs, and other sorts of animals. For someone who is an animal lover this was a huge plus!

(Here are the grounds on the property including the walk to the blue water)

The Food

The hotel includes a buffet breakfast which is delicious and suitable to most (even picky eaters!) They have a traditional Costa Rican breakfast which consists of rice and beans, sausage, plantains, and tortillas. They also have an american style breakfast for those who prefer which includes eggs and bacon. They serve fresh fruit and other baked goods every morning as well.

(Ice cream, a traditional meal, drinks, and pancakes, and more!)

The dinners were amazing. My husband and I ate a 5 course meal throughout our stay. They had a wide range of meals including seafood, steak, soups, salad, pasta, burgers, and more. My only critique about the food is that it could be quite pricey if you didn’t prepare for this expense.

The Rooms

The rooms were incredibly nice. Each party is given their own “home” on the property which is very private. The bed was nice, the bathroom was modern and beautiful, and the shower was huge! Not to mention there was an outdoor shower. The private deck was also a favorite of mine. Each room also has a cable and wifi.

TheΒ Amenities

Many people who visit Costa Rica like to go site see (us included). But the days we spent relaxing at the resort were some of my favorite. They have a huge pool with 3 different hot tubs, massages, a pool table, games, and more. We always found something to do while we were there.

The Staff

Lastly the staff was amazing. If we needed anything they were extremely accommodating. We felt like we were well taken care of throughout our stay and feel like we made friends along the way. It was also a plus that the majority of them spoke English. Sometimes a language barrier can be a huge challenge.

Rio Celeste Hideaway is an incredible resort. I truly feel like we stumbled upon a hidden a gem.


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