As someone who is constantly engaged in YouTube, Blogging, Instagram, etc. I see so many millennial posts of travelling the world and making money from different social media platforms. It’s truly amazing. So many of these people don’t sit in an office from 9-5 but rather their office is overlooking the beautiful ocean, mountains, or forests in all different parts of the world. As I was thinking about this concept I began exploring this idea. I soon had a deep appreciation for the generations before us and how they never had this luxury.

I think of my parents and my friend’s parents who worked day in and day out to make a living for their families. They were often up early and came home late from work. How foreign it would seem to them to be able to travel as much as they’d like and in the meanwhile get paid to post pictures, videos, blogs, etc.

I feel as though the generation before us created this unique and wonderful life we are able to live today. It was their 40-80 work week in an office or in the field that created this path of revolution to provide a better life to us as millennials. It was also their parenting that sharpened some of the most brilliant minds today.

For those of you who were like my parents in that they worked long and hard days their entire lives – I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your prolonged hours in the office even though you wanted to be at home with your families. Thank you for your sore and achy muscles from your hard and laborious day at work. It was your generation that paved the way for us to live incredible lives that were never even imaginable.

Thank you.

27 thoughts on “Thank You To The Generations Before Us

  1. Awesome perspective! It’s common for every generation to feel disrespected and put down by the previous generations, and that’s definitely true for Millennials. Every older person seems to have some disdain for Millennials, and every younger person tends to have some frustrations with older generations – but it’s important to gain perspective for all. The younger generations have to appreciate what’s been given to them, and the older generations have to appreciate that we’re what is next – they need to mentor and shepherd us if they want what they built to last!

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  2. Reblogged this on Rogue Millennials and commented:
    A great thought from Millennial Millions blog, a reminder to all generations. Focusing on the problems previous generations handed you is easy. Focusing on the benefits they handed you is hard.
    Focusing on the problems is important. We’re going to have to fix them. But we can’t lose perspective that we’re all in this together, we need to appreciate those who went before and the unique opportunities their hard work provided us.
    It’s easy to criticize Boomers or Gen Xers as a Millennial – but then you look around at the actual Boomers and Gen Xers you know and there’s a lot to respect. Our grandparents, our parents, our teachers, our mentors – these are all part of other generations who tried the best, for themselves and for us. Spend some time today thinking on what God has given you through those He sent before you.

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  3. What a wonderful testament to my generation. It certainly is a different world today, so many changes in the last fifty years. Although the millennials have more opportunities thanks to the www, they also have their own hardships to contend with. If we all work together and respect each other, the world will be a better place ☺️Thank you for finding my blog and following, I would never have found you otherwise β™₯️

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I completely agree. I think there is sometimes disrespect between the two generations but I think they have both contributed so positively together. I think it’s important that we recognize and appreciate both. Thanks again for sharing!


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