Happy Valentines Day everybody! I have loved this holiday since I was a little girl. Yet I have known many people who find Valentines Day to be “singles awareness day” or even just a remorseful day remembering someone that they’ve lost. I, however, see valentines day as a day to celebrate love which encompasses every aspect of such a beautiful emotion.IMG_0284Love is perhaps the deepest emotion we have. Love can be lighthearted and bring us joy. It can also be very dark and bring us sadness. It can make us smile and feel on top of the world, or completely break us down when absent.IMG_1098

Love controls us. It controls why we feed our dog in the morning, it controls what career we choose, who we decide to spend our lives with, why we have children, and so much more. When present, love creates such a beautiful world. It gives us reason to raise a family, do humanitarian work, make money, and donate to charities. It’s the reason we smile and find pure happiness in life. It’s also the reason we experience heartbreak. Love can shatter our world when we breakup with a partner , when we see someone in pain,  or when we experience a death of a loved one.IMG_5276

It’s absolutely incredible that one emotion can causes us as a human being to feel so deeply.IMG_0994

Whether new love is lost or found, let’s commemorate love in general. Lets celebrate that we have all experienced such a deep emotion that brings both joy and pain. Wherever you are or whatever your current situation is in life, find something you love and celebrate it on such a beautiful day. Acknowledged all the forms of love in your life; whether that’s something as serious as loving your spouse, or just celebrating the fact that you love the new outfit you just bought for yourself. If you’ve lost someone and your heart is hurting today, celebrate the love you once had and that you, as a human being experienced one of the most beautiful emotions that has ever existed.

I absolutely love love in all its forms. Let’s celebrate love for what it is today.


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