Why I Didn’t Join The “Hipster” Movement

We have all seen pictures of someone sleeping in the back of  their van for weeks or even months while they are traveling the country taking pictures and videos of nature, food, rock climbing, etc. Often these people are into bouldering and eating “natural.” They are also most often unemployed. I, like many others, call these people hipsters. Being a “hipster” or “granola” is extremely trendy nowadays and has been for the past few years or so. That being said, here are a few reasons for why I didn’t join the hipster movement. Read more


About Me

Last week I asked you all to submit your questions in order to get to know me a little bit better. Well here it is! Here is the video I made answering all of your questions! If you asked a question last week be sure to watch and you will find yourself featured in my video.

This was such a fun way to interact with you all and I really appreciate your participation. I would love to do something like this again. If you’re interested be sure to let me know in the comments.

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I love you all and can’t wait to know what you think when you find out more about me!


Here are the questions I answered:

  1. Barbara– What is your favourite thing in all the world?
  2. Stomperdad – Why did you start and what keeps you going?
  3. GRUMPYTYKE  – What are your favourite pastimes and how to spend your time with them?
  4. DEBORAHANNDYKEMAN – How and where did you and your husband meet?

Thank You For Stopping By

I don’t typically post twice a week, and my posts typically fall on Tuesdays. But my heart feels overwhelmed and grateful for YOU! Yes, you – the one who is reading this. I have found a love for blogging and interacting with each and everyone of you. This is all thanks to YOU.

Through blogging I have been able to connect with people all over the world and I feel like I have made so many friends and have had so many experience through you! My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the support you’ve given me.

I wanted to do something special this week for you. I wanted to film a YouTube video for all my bloggers who are on this journey with me! I want to get to know each other better. Go ahead and ask “get to know you questions” below in the comments and I will feature them in my YouTube video that will be uploaded on Tuesday (October 3rd).  I can’t wait to have more interaction with each and everyone of you.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for reading my posts. Thank you for interacting with me and for being my friend.

As always, thank you for your support.

Ask anything you’d like to know about me below.  Ready…Set…Go!

Autumn is a Time For Change

The past couple of weeks have dropped in temperature drastically and thus I have finally embraced that autumn is here! If you are anything like me you love the pumpkin smells, apple cider, scary movies, and everything else “autumn” (check out my vlog here). As I was wrapped up in the excitement of the new season, I began to ponder what it is that is so enticing around this time of year.

image1 copyFall is a time of drastic change – the leaves are different colors, the weather begins to cool, and many of us go back to school. I think it is the change that brings so much excitement throughout this season. After a long hot summer it is nice to drink hot coco and bundle up inside next to a fire. Perhaps it’s not the season that we love as much as it is the change of pace in our lives. Read more

Why Millennials Love Vlogging

A few months ago my husband Nick and I went to dinner with some family friends who were in their 40’s. At dinner I remember bringing up my interest in vlogging and how this was something I wanted to pursue. The confusion in their eyes made me feel as though I was speaking a foreign language. They asked questions such as,”Why would someone be interested in watching the day to day life of a stranger?” It was clear that no matter how much I explained the concept of vlogging they didn’t understand it and perhaps even frowned upon the idea of sharing your life with the internet.

Nevertheless, this past week I started a vlog (check it out here)! Read more


We have all been asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” But what happens when you are all grown up and you are still unsure of what the answer is? When I went to college I was determined that I wanted to be a lawyer. In fact, my bachelors degree was in Law and Constitutional Studies. As an ambitious person I worked hard in school in hopes of these dreams becoming a reality. After graduation I spent the summer working at a law firm as a paralegal. My time spent there was enough to know that this wasn’t the career path for me. So there I was, twenty-something-years old, and completely unsure of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Read more

Marital Commitment as a Millennial

Alright let’s dive into a serious topic – marriage. Marriage has revolved drastically within the last 10 years or so. However it seems to be becoming more of an ancient tradition and less “desirable” per say. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention the rate of marriage per capita is decreasing. It seems more millennials are moving into together and having long term relationships without making marital commitments to one another. I understand that every relationship is different and has different circumstances. However, as a 22 year old married millennial (I’m young, I know. Perhaps that’s a post for another time!), I want to make an argument for marriage.  12718314_10207131377500480_7658384426319821643_n


Marriage makes both partners accountable to one another simply because of the law. When you decide to get married you make a binding commitment between a judge and your partner that this person will be your one and only spouse forever. The decisions you make in your marriage are held to a higher standard because legally you are accountable for this relationship. 


Let’s be honest. Marriage is scary. Millennials stereotypically have a “self-entitlement” behavior. One of the great self developing characteristics of marriage is that you learn to get over that selfishness rather fast.  Once you choose someone for life you soon realize that everything that used to be your decision is now “our” decision. This requires a lot of compromise and sacrifice, but what a beautiful world it creates! There is a certain type of advantage that comes when you learn the world is no longer about you and you begin making decisions that will make the life of someone else better.



Lastly marriage requires commitment. Now hear me out, I know you can be committed in any time of relationship. However marriage forces a couple to be committed to each other because of vows they made to each other, the law, and for some – God. Any relationship can have promises of commitment but marriage takes those promises to the next step and seals them together.

When you are dating someone you can leave the relationship whenever you want. If things aren’t going well you can pack up and move out. When you’re in a marriage it makes “leaving” a lot harder to do. I believe there is a benefit to this. Because there is no easy way out I believe marriage forces a couple to work through their problems rather than throwing in the towel early on.

I understand that all couples aren’t ready for marriage and there is no problem in waiting. Each relationship is unique and different and that’s what makes relationships so special. Yet I do believe that marriage is an old tradition for a reason. There is an underlying strength that comes from giving your entire life to someone else through the commitment of marriage. I have truly loved being married. It required me and my husband to take extra steps individually and well as together and in return bettered our relationship.

I understand this topic may be very controversial for millennials and other generations so I would love to hear your thoughts!

A Travel Blogger on Love & Life Beyond the Cubicle

Hello everyone! @melissakandel did a cover on my thoughts and feelings regarding traveling, love, experiences and more! If you want to get to know a little more about me read the post below. I absolutely loved being able to go more in depth regarding my experiences. I hope you enjoy!

little word studio

Ah the open road, the snaking mountain pass, the cloud-dappled blue sky as gleaned from an airplane window. Sights and sounds familiar to some, feared by others, craved by the providential, perpetually windblown few who have committed their lives to travel. 

Emilie Drishinski is one such full-time adventure blogger, an avid student of the world and all its marvels, trotting the globe with her husband in search of the exciting and new. 

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How to Book Cheap Flights

As you have probably gathered by now, my husband and I travel quite frequently. We have been taking between 3-4 trips a month! We both have developed the travel bug and have found this activity to be something we really enjoy together. We also recognize that traveling can be an extremely pricey and expensive hobby to have! One of the biggest expenses of traveling is easily the flights. However, this doesn’t have to be costly. I wanted to share a few tips I’ve learned about booking affordable flights below.


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